How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Fast

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Cracked or chapped lips is a condition that describes dry lips. This condition can be as a result of different reasons including:

  • harsh environmental conditions
  • drooling or biting your lips or
  • side effects of drug and medicine

Mild cracking and dry lips can be managed at home, however, for severe chapping, (Cheilitis) urgent treatment may be required to cure it. It is characterized by the cracking of the lip skin at the corners of the mouth.

In this topic, we discuss some of the common causes of chapped lips, their symptoms, treatment and how to effective ways you can prevent it from happening.

We have also provided some of the effective home remedies you can use to get rid of chapped lips at home.

What causes chapped lips?

dry chapped lips

What causes chapped lips will vary from one person to the other. Dry chapped lips can be caused by overexposure to the sun, wind or cold.

Chapped lips are common and can occur to anyone. In cases of severe chapping medical treatment may be required.

For mild chapping, however, a lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax can help prevent your lip from chapping.

Dry and chapped lips occur as a result of the loss of moisture from the lips. It is believed that more moisture is lost from the lips than from any other part of the body.

When this happens, the skin covering your lips become tight and may start to crack and split.

Chapped lips marked by redness, dryness, cracking, and soreness and itching can be caused by any of the following:

1. Chapped lips Vitamin deficiency

Chapped lips can be a symptom of lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body.

It is called primary deficiency when caused by inadequate nutrition and secondary when the deficiency is a result of another condition.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration which is a harmful reduction of what can also lead to cracked, dry and chapped lips. It is said that humans lose more body water through the lips than from any other part of the body.

Drinking plenty of water and other fluid will help your body remain hydrated especially if you are going out or spent most of your time out in the sun.

Invest in a quality lip balm that covers moist in your lip and protects from harmful sun radiations.

3. Excessive sun exposure

Being exposed to the sun for long without drinking enough water can cause one to become dehydrated. The more the moisture your body loses, the more your lips become dry and severely chapped.

4. Excessive smoking

Chapped lips are common especially in people who smoke or use tobacco products for long. Smoking can also increase your chances of picking up an infection which is often characterized by redness, soreness and dry lips.

5. Harsh environmental conditions

Chapped lips are not only common in winter, it can also occur if one of exposure for long in wind, sun and dry environmental condition.

The continued loss of moisture from your lips is what causes your lips become dry, cracked and severely chapped.

6. Drooling and linking your lips for long

Drooling and licking your lips increase the rate through which your lips lose moisture. Avoiding this can help prevent your lips from chapping or drying off

7. Allergic reactions

Allergic reaction to food, drugs and chemicals ingredient in some lip care product can cause your lip to become dry, itchy and irritated.

Allergic reaction to lip care product is common especially in products that contain fragrance, harsh chemical or flavors.

8. Breathing with your mouth 

It is particularly difficult to know whether you are breathing through your mouth or nose when asleep.

Breathing through your mouth can be a sign of a completely blocked nasal airway.

Dry, chapped lips are a common symptom in people who breathe through their mouth.

9. Too much vitamin A intake

Also called vitamin toxicity, this can be caused by an overdose of vitamin supplement. Not taking the right amount of vitamin dosage can lead to cracking and chapping of lips.

10. Medical condition

Chapped lips can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, this is in cases where the chapping persist and do not respond to treatment and self-care options.

In cases where lips balm and other lip ointment doesn’t seem to help you need to consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

The chapping could be a sign of:

  • Kawasaki disease
  • Angular cheilitis
  • Pellagra

Severely chapped lips

Severely chapped lips also known as cheilitis can cause pain and lots of discomforts. It occurs when your lips are completely depleted of moisture.

Severely chapped lips can be shown by symptom such as:

  • Redness around lips
  • Painful sores on lips
  • Crackling and bleeding of the lips when you smile.

The exact cause of severely chapped lips will vary from one person to the other.

Excessive smoking, long exposure to the wind and dry air, underlying medical condition and excessive licking of the lips are the main causes.

Other causes of severe lip chapping would include dehydration, lip inflammation, and nutritional deficiency.

Doctors recommend increasing your consumption of a variety of vitamins and minerals which can protect your lips from further damage.

These vitamins and minerals work by keeping your lips healthy and moist. To alleviate severely chapped lips, your doctor may recommend the following:

  • Vitamin A, to strengthen your immune system and protect your lips from toxins, virus and other infections.
  • Vitamin B-3, also known as niacin, this vitamin will prevent severely chapped lips by helping your lip retain more moisture. It can also help relieve the pain caused by dry, cracking lips
  • Vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin, this vitamin repairs damaged lips, relieve cracking, speedups healing, keeps our lips moisturized and lowers the risk of anemia.
  • Zinc minerals work by strengthening your immune system which helps protect your lips from environmental elements that can cause chapping.

How to get rid of chapped lips, Home remedies

Getting rid of mildly chapped lips can be done at home with natural remedies. For severely chapped lips, proper medical treatment may be required to get rid of drying, cracking and bleeding.

1. Exfoliating to get rid of chapped lips

Regularly exfoliating your lips help get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria that might lead to an infection. It also exposes the skin making it heal faster.

A lot of care should be given when exfoliating chapped lips, aggressive exfoliating can lead to bleeding and making the lips become hypersensitive.

You can do this naturally using sugar scrub or raw honey.

2. Getting rid of chapped lip with Aloe Vera Gel

Applying aloe Vera gel to chapped, dry and cracked lips can help speed up the healing process, relieve the irritation and get rid of itching and bleeding.

If you cannot stand the unpleasant test of Aloe Vera, add some honey then apply the mixture.

3. Raw honey to get rid of chapped lips

Raw honey is a great skin moisturizer. it is also rich in natural healing and antibacterial properties that can help treat chapped lips. What you need to do is:

  • Gently apply pure raw organic honey on chapped lips
  • Leave it on and do not be tempted to lick it out
  • You can also a apply a paste of honey and glycerin

4. How to get rid of chapped lips without chapsticks

You do not have to lather your chapped lips in chapsticks continuously throughout the day to relieve chapped lips. You can easily get rid of chapped lips without chapsticks. How do you do this?

Getting rid of chapped lip without chapsticks involves adopting a natural route. Make some changes in your lip care routine making sure to use natural products that do not contain any chemicals.

You will also need to drink a lot of water and natural fluids like juice fruits to always remain hydrated.

Best lip balm to cure chapped lips

How to cure chapped lips will vary depending on what the underlying cause of the chapping is.

The National health services recommend that the best thing to do if you have a dry sore lip is to regularly apply a lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax.

There are different brands you can choose from. You may need to try a few products before you can find one that works best for you.

If you spend most of your day out in the sun, you will need to choose a lip balm with sun protection factor of at least 15 to help protect against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Treatment and how to heal chapped lips

Mild cracking and dried lips can be handled at home with simple remedies. For some people, the lips can become inflamed, red and feel sore a condition known as cheilitis.

Chapped lips will become inflamed as a result of irritation or due to a viral, fungal or bacterial infection that enters the body through the cracks of the lips.

Angular cheilitis, caused by a viral or bacterial infection can cause the corners of your mouth to become red and sore.

Urgent treatment is required to heal severely chapped lips. Please seek proper treatment if your lips are sore, red, severely dry, cracked or your thing they might be infected.

Treatment will vary depending on what the underlying cause is. In most cases, your dermatologist will prescribe:

  • Oral or topical antibiotics for bacterial infections
  • Antifungal gels and pills for yeast infection or
  • Hydrocortisone ointment to relieve inflamed lips.

How to prevent chapped lips

Chapped lips whether mild or severe can be prevented. You can do this by taking care of your skin from the inside. Do not wait until it is too late. Stay right away!

To prevent dry, cracking and chapped lips, you need to do the following:

  • Maintain a balanced diet. Make sure you maintain a steady consumption of vitamin and minerals. Doing this strengthens your immune system making your lips more equipped to handle infections and environmental condition that, might lead to chapped lips.
  • Dehydration is a major cause of drying and cracking of lips. Drink plenty of water and other fluid such as fruits juice to always keep your body well hydrated.
  • Avoid irritating your lips with new products such as toothpaste and lip balm. According to a dermatologist, Thomas Goodman, even toothpaste can irritate your lips leading to them drying up, cracking or even bleeding.
  • Make sure to apply a “quality” lip balm and sunscreen when going out especially if you spent most of the day out in the sun.
  • Cold condition can be avoided by warping your mouth with a clean scarf.
  • Do not bite your lips
  • Avoid licking dry, cracked or chapped lips
  • Avoid touching bleeding lips as this increase your chances of picking up an infection

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