How to get rid of hickey fast using home remedies

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How do you get rid of a hickey fast at home?  First things first, what is a hickey?  Also known as a kiss mark or a love bite, a hickey is a kind of a bruise that results from kissing or sucking too hard. It results from broken capillaries that cause blood to pool and turn the skin red or purple.

A hickey is harmless, but having one can be quite embarrassing for some people. In most of the cases, the mark can last for a week then heal on its own rarely leaving any mark or scar. The mark is a sign of aggressive and passionate lovemaking.

You can easily hide a hickey with clothes of makeup until it clears. In this article, I will tell you can easily get rid of a hickey fast using home remedies.

How to get a hickey

Giving a hickey to your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a physical way of expressing love to them. You can give a hickey by simply sucking or biting his or her skin on neck or arm.

The sucking will burst and cause a bruise like mark-a hickey. The size of the mark will often vary depending on the amount of trauma the capillaries go through.

Like other bruises, a hickey can show the flowing symptoms:

  • The mark starts out as a flaming red mark that slowly turns purple
  • In some cases, the mark may turn red
  • The bruise may appear painful but it is often painless
  • In most of the cases, the bruise will clear within a week. It leaves no scar.

Depending on where you stand, a hickey can be a mark of shame or a badge of honor. By the way, ever wondered why people give a hickey (why don’t you tell us in the comment section below).

On face or neck, a hickey can be a sure way of attracting stares. This can be embarrassing at times making it hard for one to go about his or her personal chores. This explains why “how to get rid of hickey” is a popular topic online on social platforms.

In rare cases, hickeys can be dangerous, large bruising has been shown to create blood clots that could lead to a stroke. If you are one of those people who love bites I think it is time you learn the dangers.

How do you give a girl a hickey?

Most people consider a hickey or a love bite a mark of passion. Here is how you can give your girl a hickey:

  1. Start by building the tension, don’t just dive into her neck and go for the hickey. Spend some time gently kissing, start with light kisses then move into harder and more insistent kisses around the neck.
  2. Hickey like bruises works best on thin, delicate skin. The best location to go for is therefore around the neck. Choose your location well
  3. To give her the hickey, part your lips slightly and place them on the skin (your preferred location). Press your lips firmly onto the skin so that you make a good seal. Avoid leaving any gap for air to escape. Be gentle, try to keep your mouth soft.
  4. Suck the skin hard enough to break her capillaries just beneath the skin. Again be gently not to cause her too much pain. When doing this:
  • Keep your teeth out of the way
  • You need at least to suck for 20 seconds to break the capillaries
  • Control the amount of spit in your mouth
  1. To avoid becoming weird, you need to end it smoothly. You can do this by laying a few gentle kisses around the area.
  2. Like with other bruises, the hickey won’t appear immediately, you may need to wait for at least 10 minutes.

How to cover a hickey with makeup

A quick way to hide a hickey is to cover it with makeup.  Your best way is to go for a slightly drier color corrector. A creamy concealer will slide around and settle into creases around the hickey.

On a clean dry skin, simply tap color corrector gently onto the hickey with your finger. Once you’ve blocked the reddish mark you now need to cover it with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

You will need to apply the concealer the same way you applied the corrector. Concentrate it just around the area where the hickey is. Make sure to blend the edges well.  That’s all the hickey is long gone.

So what is the difference between a concealer and a corrector?

  • A concealer will purely and simply disguise any blemishes (or bruises). Most are quite translucent and normally similar in color to the foundation tones.
  • Correctors, on the other hand, do much more, they neutralize any blemishes or bruises. Most come in green, yellow, peach and lavender colors.

How to get rid of a hickey with Home remedies

Though embarrassing, hickeys are harmless. There are massive amounts of treatment and natural remedies one can use to cure and get rid of love bites. Dealing with a hickey especially o the neck can be a tricky thing for most people.

Below, we have collected some of the most effective and simple remedies you can use to get rid of hickey fast, quickly or overnight at home. The effectiveness of the remedies below will depend on the following factors:

  • The size of the hickey
  • The amount of blood accumulated in that area

1. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is great natural remedy you can use to get rid of those marks fast. It is a natural moisturizer that can help reduce the sensitivity around the affected area.

Another great thing with this remedy is that its inflammatory and soothing properties will help heal the burst capillaries faster.

2. Vitamin K

At home, you will also need to use vitamin K to help prevent coagulation. Vitamin K helps your body reabsorb pooled blood thus speed up the healing process.

  • Simply apply a lotion or cream rich in vitamin K to the hickey two or three times a day
  • You also need to eat more vitamin k rich foods (rice, spinach, fish oil, broccoli)

3. Rubbing alcohol

Simply rubbing some alcohol on the love bite can help get rid of it.  Applying alcohol has disinfectant, soothing, and cooling effect that will help get rid of the bruising mark fast.

Use a clean cotton ball to apply the alcohol. Rub the alcohol gently for some minutes to help minimize the discomfort. To avoid the alcohol drying on your skin, apply some moisturizing lotion on the area after you are done.

4. Peppermint  or toothpaste

Peppermint is the other great home remedy you can use to get rid of love bites fast. The stimulant effect of this remedy works by improving blood circulation which can be an easy way of getting rid of hickey. The remedy can also help heal broken blood vessels.

  • Gently apply peppermint oil on the affected area
  • Do not use the oil more than twice in a day.
  • You may notice some tingling sensation that quickly clears after some minutes

Best quickest way to get rid of hickeys

Other quick fixes you could use to get rid of hickey will include are:

5. Quick finger massage

A simple finger massage can be an effective and simple way to get rid of hickey. Gently massage the affected area with your finger from the center towards the edges. You will need to do this for at least twice a day.

6. Warm compress

A warm compress is possibly the best and quickest fix for hickey that is two or three days old. Heat helps dilate the capillaries that helps make way for fresh new blood to circulate.

To use this remedy:

  • Sock a clean face towel in warm water
  • Squeeze the towel to get rid of excess water then place it on the hickey
  • Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to apply the heat

7. Cold compress

You could also apply a cold compress to heal and heal and get rid of hickey fast. A cold compress breaks up the blood clot making the blood to spread out. Also, any kind of cold compress will help constrict ruptured blood vessels (capillaries) and reduce bleeding.

  • Wrap some ice cubes in a clean towel and tightly press it against your skin
  • Do not place the ices cubes directly on your skin for long
  • You can also use a cold spoon to lightly rub over the affected area

How to get rid of love bites overnight

Apart from the remedies above, there are also some treatment options that can help clear and get rid of hickey overnight. Though the remedies work, medication can help get rid of hickies much faster.

a) Aspirin and other blood circulation boosters

An easy way would be to take over the counter medication such as Excedrin or Aspirin that works by increasing blood circulation. This will help clear and get rid of the hickey really fast. Aspirin is a blood circulation boost, simply takin one can help get rid of the love mark overnight.

To get rid of a hickey overnight with aspirin, you need to take it at least 12 hours after getting the mark. Taking it earlier might lead to additional bleeding which might even cause the mark to enlarge or take long to go away.

Excedrin contains aspirin, caffeine and acetaminophen. These ingredients help thin blood and increase blood circulation. This is what makes the hickey heal faster. In cases of a painful hickey, acetaminophen will help relieve the pain.

b) Laser treatment to get rid of hickey fast overnight

If the option above fail to work, you can easily get rid of the bruising using laser treatment. Though this can be an effective way of getting rid of the bruising overnight, it is expensive. In this procedure, a dermatologist uses a specific laser to target blood cells that have pooled under the skin.

Laser treatment works to break up these pooled blood cells thus catalyzing the healing process of bruises including hickey or love bites. The cost of laser treatment will vary with location. It is good to first compare prices before going for the procedure.

If you choose to get rid of hickey using laser treatment, I think you need to be aware of the following risks involved.

  • The procedure can be very uncomfortable
  • Most people end up experiencing redness after the procedure
  • The effectiveness of the procedure may vary depending on your skin tone

How to prevent a hickey form getting bigger

If someone has already given you a hickey (whether you wanted it or not) there are some things you can do to prevent it from getting bigger. Simply apply pressure immediately to the spot to help stop blood from pooling.

The idea is, the sooner the blood stops pooling, the smaller and lighter the hickey will be. This makes it less visible and takes less time to heal. This option does not prevent a hickey from forming, it helps prevent it from getting bigger.

Also you need to apply a cold compress to the hickey to reduce redness and inflammation. A heat compress might also work but the best thing to do would be to give it time to heal on its own.

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