How to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Nose Fast

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Whiteheads on nose are rarely painful but they can be just as annoying as other types of pimples. A whitehead is a type of acne that forms when dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria become trapped within one of your skin pores.

Whiteheads are common in both men and women. Though common on the face, these bumps can develop on any part of the body. This article offers an insight into:

  • What causes whiteheads on nose and other parts of the body
  • Signs and symptoms of acne bumps
  • Why the whiteheads on your face keeps coming back
  • Treatment and prevention
  • How you can remove and get rid of the bumps on nose with home remedies

What cause whiteheads on nose?

Whiteheads are common can develop on part of your skin. Understanding the underlying cause of the bumps can help you know what to do and prevent future outbreak or minimize the risk of spreading the bumps to others parts of the body.

The oily parts of your face (T-zone) are the most prone whiteheads and blackheads. It is, however, possible to develop these bumps on your chest back, shoulder and on arms among others parts of the body.

Some of the common causes of acne and whiteheads will include the following:

1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, puberty, menopause and menstrual flow is a common trigger of acne. During this times, there is an increased production of sebum which ends up clogging your skin pores.

In women, taking birth control pills can also cause hormonal imbalance that can end up causing acne.

2. Genetic predisposition

According to the University of Illinois McKinley Health Center, genetics also plays a big role in the development of different types of acne.

If for instance one of your parents or a family member suffers from whiteheads, then you are at an increased risk of developing them not only on your nose but on other parts too.

3. Stress and anxiety

Increased levels of emotional stress cause a rise in cortisol hormones (stress hormones). Increased level of these hormones can cause an increased production of sebum by the sebaceous glands which can, in turn, trigger the development of acne whiteheads on the skin.

A study by the Archive of Dermatology found out that stress has a negative effect on the barrier function of the skin. This may result in water loss that inhibits the ability of the skin to repair itself in cases of an injury.

4. Excessive use of oil-based products

Excessive use of poor quality oil-based products may end up blocking your skin pores which might trigger the development of acne whiteheads on the face and on the nose.

When this is the cause of the bumps on face, then discontinue their use and invest in high-quality cosmetics and skin care products.

5. Medication side effects

Some prescription and over the counter medication may also trigger a hormonal imbalance which can lead to increased production of sebum which in turn might trigger the development of whiteheads and blackheads on face.

Be on the watch out for any side effects especially when on a new medication and notify your healthcare provider as soon as possible.


On your nose, acne whiteheads can have the following characteristics:

a) Hard deep whitehead around nose

According to brown university health education, when pores get clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells, these materials may get trapped underneath the skin and form pus.

In such cases, the whiteheads are severe and deeply embedded into the pores. They can be hard to treat.

It can be very tempting to poop a hard whitehead on the skin, but you should not do that. Popping a bump on skin increases your risk of picking up an infection, prolongs the healing of the wound and can cause scarring.

b) Whiteheads inside nose

Folliculitis inside the nose is often mistaken for acne whiteheads. Folliculitis is a common condition in which hair follicles become inflamed and infected. Folliculitis is caused by both fungal and bacterial infection.

This infection starts as small red bumps or white headed pimple around the follicles. It can then spread and turn into nonhealing crusty sores. It is not life threating but can be itchy and very annoying.

When the white bump inside the nose is caused by folliculitis, they may have the following symptoms:

  • Itchy burning skin inside nose
  • Mild to severe pain
  • Large swollen bumps or cyst inside nose
  • Pus-filled blister that crusts over

c) Small, tiny whiteheads on nose

Whiteheads bumps on the nose will often vary in size and number. In women especially during their menstrual cycle, there is a spike in production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

The excess sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt can clog the pores causing the development of tiny or small bumps on the nose and on the face. The bumps will continue to increase in size as the pores continue to accumulate more oil.

d) Whitehead around nose

The area around your nose has a lot of skin pores which can clog form whitehead and blackheads.  This can be caused by any of the factors discussed above.

Poor personal hygiene and using poor quality cosmetics can worsen the development of these bumps around the nose.

Recurring whitehead on nose, whiteheads on nose keep coming back

To some people, acne whiteheads on the nose might keep coming back even after treatment. This is common especially in women, during menstrual cycles or when pregnant.

Recurrent whiteheads or blackheads on the face can be attributed to the fluctuating level of different hormones in the body. In teenagers, whiteheads are likely to come back even after effectively treating and getting rid of them.

Newborn babies are also likely to develop whiteheads and blackheads on different parts of their body. The bumps are harmless are harmless and will often clear as the baby grows.

White bumps on babies are likely to be caused by milia. (Tiny white bumps across a baby’s nose, chin, and cheek)

See Also:

Whiteheads treatment

Whiteheads on the nose are relatively easy to treat. They are considered a mild form of acne. When treating these bumps both over the counter and prescription options might be used.

Ointments and other products containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are considered most effective. Treating whiteheads on nose is not a one-night thing. It takes time for most of the options to work out.

For most people, it can take up to 8 weeks for some treatment methods to work. Common options include topical and oral medication. Your doctor might prescribe:

  • Retinoid to remove dead skin cells and unblock clogged pores
  • Antibiotics to destroy excess skin bacteria
  • Anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and redness around the nose.

Regardless of what option you are using, call your dermatologist if the whiteheads fail to go away after 2 months of using the method. Poor treatment of acne blackheads might end up leaving scars on your face. This can be even more annoying.

How to remove, get rid of whiteheads on nose

At home, some of the most effective ways to remove and get rid of acne bumps on the face will include the following:

a) Steaming your face


Steaming helps open your skin pores. This helps get rid of dirt, bacteria and excess sebum that might have accumulated in your skin pores. Steaming can also help loosen clogged pores, it is therefore and ease and very effective way to get rid of whiteheads on nose.

  • Put hot water in a basin
  • Hold your face over the basin while covering your head with towel for some minutes
  • Do this at least twice a day

b) Oatmeal scrub

Most beauty products contain oatmeal as an ingredient. You could therefore naturally use oatmeal to get rid of whiteheads on the face.

  • Mix equal amounts of oatmeal oil and natural yogurt
  • Gently mix the two to achieve a fine paste
  • Apply the paste on face then apply on your face
  • Let the paste stay on for some minutes then rinse it off

c) Exfoliating with Manuka honey

Manuka honey is known world over for its great antibacterial properties. Applying pure Manuka honey on the face is, therefore, a great way to get rid of acne whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Apply some few drops of Manuka honey on the whitehead
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes then rinse it off with warm water

d) Lemon juice

The citric acid found in lemon can also be a great remedy for whiteheads and blackheads on face. When applied on the skin, the acid is said to open up your skin pores and dry out the excess sebum accumulating to form the whiteheads.

  • Squeeze enough lemon juice in a cup
  • Apply the juice on face and leave it on for some minutes before rinsing it out
  • An alternative is rubbing a fresh lemon on the affected parts of face for five minutes a day

e) Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub can also be a great way to exfoliate your face to get rid of the dead skin cells and sebum trapped underneath your skin. To use this remedy:

  • Add some water in a bowl, add some honey
  • Add small amounts of water, gently mixing to achieve a fine paste
  • Clean your face with warm water and apply the paste
  • Leave it on for some minutes before rinsing your face with warm water
  • Do this twice a day

How to prevent acne and whiteheads on face

As said anybody can develop acne. Though oral and topical treatment options can be effective in treating acne, there are some things you might do to minimize the risk of developing whiteheads on the nose and on other parts of the body.

Preventing whiteheads involves making lifestyle and dietary changes. Common tips will include:

  • Investing in high quality noncomedogenic cosmetic products. This might be  a better fit especially for people prone to acne outbreak
  • Use oil-based lotion and skin moisturizers to limit the amount of oil added to the skin
  • Make sure to exfoliate or wash your face on a regular basis. The rule is, never go to bed with your make up on.
  • Not, when washing your face, avoid doing it excessively, this might end up stripping your skin of natural oils that help keep your skin moist and hydrated


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